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10 Advantages of Hiring a Property Manager (Part 1)

If you own rental property, you know the challenges as well as the rewards. However, consider the benefits of hiring a property manager. In this two-part article, we will examine the top ten advantages associated with hiring a property manager.

  • One advantage of having a property manager is their expertise in setting the right rental rates. If your rate is too high, you could lose the ideal tenant. If it is too low, you may be leaving money on the table– money that could’ve been more wisely spent to hire a property manager.
  • If you’ve ever worked in a billing department, you know that securing payment from clients can be difficult, not to mention awkward. A good property manager will have efficient, tried-and-true systems in place to effectively collect rent and maintain on-time payments. A steady income stream is key to any business, and you may find this benefit pays for itself.
  • In today’s world, you have to advertise online. There are more than twenty-five legitimate online platforms for listing rental properties. Being able to push your listing out to all those is a huge advantage but setting up all those accounts can be a burden not to mention costly. The best property managers have integrations with the top listing services. They make sure your property is getting the exposure it needs.
  • Finding the right tenant might be the most important aspect of your rental property. With a system in place to do background and credit checks, your property manager can make this process seem easy and hassle-free.
  • Once the right tenant has moved in, you may feel as if the real work is done, but your property manager knows better. Whether you own a few rental properties or many, any landlord knows that managing your tenants can be extremely time-consuming. Hiring a property manager takes the stress out of tenant management and gives you back your time.

These might be what you expected, but we will dig a little deeper in part two of the top ten reasons you should hire a property manager. Don’t want to wait? Contact All Country® Heartland Property Management at (405) 444-8844 today!