How We Use Technology to Make Owning Rental Properties Easier

Managing properties and dealing with tenants can be very time-consuming, but at All County Heartland we leverage technology to make it easy. We then pass the savings on to our clients. Check out the recent episode of the Rental Income Podcast where we give you a little peek behind the curtain.

If you want to learn more about how All County can make owning your rental properties easy, give us a call at 405-444-8844.  We are here to help!

No Hidden Fees with All County Heartland Property Management Services of Oklahoma

Property Management Fees for Rental Properties in Oklahoma

Hiring a property management company to manage your rental property is a wise financial decision— if you understand the fees involved and hire the right firm. A property manager will ensure the day-to-day aspects of your investment run smoothly and will take the management burden off your plate. As with anything new, if you’re considering hiring a property manager, you probably want to know what to expect. Here’s a guide to the types of fees charged by property management companies. Continue reading