The Downside (and potential liabilities) of Allowing Tenants to Smoke in Your Rental Property

According to Truth Initiative, one in five Oklahoma adults is a smoker [1]. With stats like these, as a rental property owner, you may feel compelled to allow your tenants to smoke to increase your prospect pool. But you should know the facts before making a decision.

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10 Advantages of Hiring a Property Manager (Part 2)

Part one of this series reviewed the core advantages of hiring a property manager, including setting rental rates, receiving payments on time, marketing your property, finding the right tenants, and managing those tenants. Now, we explore five more value-added services your property manager provides. Continue reading

Rental Market Optimism During a Pandemic

As summer comes to an end, the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Schools are starting back up forcing parents and educators to make tough decisions. Businesses continue to look for strategies for safe and profitable operations. Local, state and national leaders are making tough decisions about public health and the economy.
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